Falling for Outdoor Showers

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ July 24, 2008


As a kid, I spent summers on the family ranch. Idyllic? You bet. Dirty? Absolutely. Maybe that's why I like the idea of outdoor showers so much. My German grandmother kept an immaculate house, and none of us dared enter covered in field grime and dog hair.

We used a hose snaked through the patio trellis to clean up before we were allowed back inside for supper. More often than not, this was an event in itself, as we enjoyed water fights and got ourselves ready to cannonball into the pool. Years later, my grandparents would improve on our methods by adding more permanent plumbing for an outdoor shower off the back patio.



Combine Fun Styles and Great Function

You don't have to be farm residents to understand the usefulness of the outdoor shower, as it lends itself to a wide variety of tasks. Maybe you're:



  • An avid outdoor exerciser?


  • An enthusiastic gardener?


  • A weekend warrior bent on improving your back deck, your landscape?


  • Into beachy activities at a vacation home?

This might be the perfect solution for you to keep the interior of your home a little more pristine.


Also handy for families with kids, an outdoor pool, or abodes close to the beach, showering al fresco is a fun way to encourage the littler, or even bigger, members of your family to make life a little easier by leaving the dirt, sand, and whatever else outside.

Options for personalizing your outdoor shower and getting creative with the design might get you started thinking up how an outdoor shower could fit into your home's landscape:

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