Cork Flooring Offers the Perfect Alternative for Kitchen Remodeling

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ July 23, 2008

My kitchen has constant action. There are always cookies being baked, vegetables being steamed, bottles of wine being opened, and cupcakes being iced. With all this time on my feet in the kitchen, I'm constantly thinking about what kind of flooring might best work under my shoes.

Growing in popularity, and providing an array of benefits that traditional flooring options can't even come close to offering, cork flooring is a great investment for any kitchen remodel.

Cork flooring first came across my attention because of my yoga studio. All the studio spaces were installed with cork flooring because it is soft, durable, and of course, a natural sustainable choice. If it's the perfect comfortable flooring materials for yogis practicing difficult poses, it must be just as comfortable for the busy cook.

But it's not just about comfort. While cork makes for happy feet, it's also fire resistant, reduces heat loss (it's a great insulator!), is mold and bug repellant, reduces sound and vibrations, and is easy to install since cork flooring can often comes in click-into-place mosaic tiles.

And for those of you increasingly concerned with your impact on the environment, cork flooring is a perfect sustainable product. Not only is it easy to easy to grow and harvest, it's very easy to recycle too.

And, don't think cork only has to go on your kitchen floor. You can try it in just about any room of your home, or you can even look into cork siding for your walls, and cork furniture. Examples of new uses for cork are coming out everyday, so keep your eyes open and see how you can use it in your home.

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