Lights, Camera, Landscape?

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ July 15, 2008

There is this yard I absolutely adore. It belongs to a smaller restored Cape Cod on a corner lot, and the charm is tangible. I run past it in the mornings and can't help but admire the artful vegetative appointments. It's well maintained and just the slightest bit wild, all with those careful touches that tell you how deeply the artist cares for the landscape.

Photo Credit: Bainbridge Design Build

And while this is all well and good, you might be wondering why this house is worth mentioning, and the answer to that came a few nights ago. A few nights ago when, for the first time, I saw my favorite little lot under the graying dusk. And while I'm generally conditioned to notice great landscaping, this little set up quite literally stopped me in my tracks.

I suppose I had noticed the solar lanterns along the walk, even the lampposts, but in the dark, under the full glory of night, were lights strategically placed in ways I could never have dreamed up. Hydrangeas lit from behind glistened with glittery blue brilliance, the accent lighting on the steps bathed the place in a soft ochre glow begging me to wander up to the front door, which I was very nearly almost compelled to do simply to meet the mastermind behind this nighttime garden wonderland.

Photo Credit: Image Electric

It quite literally was the difference between night and day, all accomplished through some impressive, and probably very easy, landscape lighting. It's all in the lighting, and what a way to take this little yard from amazing to downright stunning with the flip of switch.

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