Get Hooked by Transitional Spaces

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ July 8, 2008

Transitional spaces tend to be the places in our homes that get left behind. Mud rooms, entry ways, even hallways, it seems like they get neglected until they malfunction, which isn't very often.

If you're like me, you focus your energies on the more pivotal parts of your habitat: the kitchen, bedrooms, the spaces where you spend the most time, but what if there were a way to do more with these forgotten, left over spaces?

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

Handle your Hallway...

Depending on how creative you're willing to get, you can makeover these spaces into areas that enhance your life even more than your kitchen. What about transforming the entry way into a command center? Imagine having everything organized and in one place. Imagine leaving your house every morning with all the necessary essentials, getting to work on time, and returning home in the evenings to order? With the right space set up, you too can enjoy a blissful orchestration of each and every day.

Personalize these spaces to your needs as well so they're fun and functional for what kind of work you need the space to do for you. For example, I like hooks. Big ones, little ones, stick-ons, over the door hooks...I haven't yet found a hook I can't get behind. Hooks are a great way to start using entry way space too, house your keys, your dog's leash, your favorite sweater...the list goes on and on. More on why I love hooks so much later, but for now, take a peek at some transitional spaces gone very, very right:

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

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