Interior Painting with Neutral Colors

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ July 7, 2008

Sophisticated Palettes for Your Home's Interior

A great summer remodeling project is adding a new coat of interior paint. If you've been thinking of painting your home, but the wall of colors at your local home improvement store is leaving you completely overwhelmed (trust me I know how you feel), check out some of these paint combinations. While I've always been one for bright, bold color, lately I've been intrigued by more muted colors that offer a sophisticated, demure artistic statement.

I've never thought of using grey as a wall color, but this soft tone looks surprisingly light, clean and crisp as a bedroom color.

(Photo Credit: Domino Magazine)

Domino Magazine labeled this combination of colors "grown-up neutrals" and I think it's a great description, and the perfect choice for those who are a little scared of all out color. Plus, it's another example of how great grey can look.

(Photo Credit: Domino Magazine)

These soft blue hues paired create a heavenly, airy environment.

(Photo Credit: Domino Magazine)

Check out that blue ceiling with the neutral walls. I love the surprise of the color!

(Photo Credit: Domino Magazine)

Are these colors too tame for your taste? Check back Wednesday for some of my favorite bright and bold color schemes.

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