Kitchen Countertop Materials That Make a Statement

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ July 1, 2008

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, or at least just updating your kitchen countertops, you may think your choices are limited to a few options such as marble or granite, but you'd be completely mistaken.

Here are some of my favorite eye-catching, innovative, and of course, beautiful options for countertops that will get your guests talking.

Paperstone: While paperstone countertops look like more traditional materials, they are far from it. These countertops are a composite material made of 100% post-consumer waste, consisting mostly of recycled paper products. They are incredibly durable, stain resistant, and of course, eco-friendly.

Recycled Glass: Going green is all the rage, so hop onto the green bandwagon and choose to use recycled glass for your countertops. Just look at how beautiful these are! You'll find countertops made from coke bottles to royal blue Skyy Vodka bottles.

recycled glass countertops

(Photo Credit: Vertazza)

Finished Concrete: Using concrete as a design element is becoming more and more common as well. Concrete can be manipulated in a number of ways to create a smooth, inexpensive, and unique countertop. You can add colors or stamp a design into your countertop to create a look that will be just right for your kitchen design

Butcher Block Countertops: These wood countertops give a warm, classic feel but add an interesting element to your home. The minute I saw these countertops I was blown away by how beautiful they were, especially when paired with an interesting color of cabinetry work. You can choose a number of wood options, including bamboo, and choose a variety of wood patterns. While these counters are beautiful, they do require a certain amount of upkeep, including wiping them down with mineral oil and disinfecting them to ensure longer life.

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