The Monster in Your Closet

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ June 26, 2008

People would say I'm organized. Particular even. But the truth is I'm hiding a shameful little secret called my closet. And my suspicion is I'm not the only one. I try to keep my bedroom orderly and calm so I can fall asleep in a peaceful place, but for some reason all bets are off when it comes to the closet. And it gets harder and harder to ignore the last line of defense that is my closet door.

At any moment, the chaos therein threatens to unleash unruly pandemonium on my ordered little universe. I comfort myself with the hope however that this is not an uncommon circumstance and that otherwise cleanly and organized individuals find themselves completely unable to face the escalating horrors of their closet.

Photo Credit: Closet Factory

Just because we're in good company however, does not make the situation any less reprehensible. Just think of all the un-used outfits that have been swallowed, absorbed by the darkest depths of your closet. How many great pairs of shoes have been lost to the abyss?

Its time to reclaim our closets...and, more importantly, our shoes. But if it's too much to face by yourself, recruit some help. Be it a professional closet contractor, or just some close pals and a bottle of wine to get you through, you can reclaim your closet and bring your wardrobing world back into balance.

Getting organized doesn't have to be a chore; It can be satisfying and even fun. The options for great closet spaces are great sources for inspiration:

Photo Credit: Closet Tailors

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