Go Home Without Going Big

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ June 24, 2008


It seems in this country, we like our houses big. The bigger the better. Bigness seems almost inextricably linked to our very happiness. But what does the size of our places really mean to us? How much of that size is complicating our lives rather than enhancing them? Is bigger really the answer we need?

In response this question, I thought about the concept of 'bigness' and our attitudes towards it: what it means and weather or not we can feel trapped by the big things in our lives.


If you're feeling like your life might be getting a little too big, there are a lot of ways to go bigger by getting smaller. Smaller houses. Take a look at some of the new mini-homes we found:


Small Makes a Comeback

The best part about mini homes is that creative design and innovations have made them just as comfortable, and in some cases even more luxurious than their much bigger counterparts.


Photo Credit: Clever Homes

The added bonus? Imagine living without the clutter, the hassle, the 'bigness!' Part of me can't help but think how incredibly liberating that would be. Maybe we need to get away from big and rediscover simple, small, happy.

What do you really need to be happy? Sure we all have basic, universal needs, but what do you personally need to be happy? When was the last time you thought about it? I know it's been a while so I sat down and made a list to help me:


• Family
• Friends
• Food
• Shelter
• Water
• Coffee
• A new pair of Asics every 4-6 months and a trail for running
• Free time
• Tunes
• Books
• My bicycle
• A comfy bed
• A laptop with internet access
• Paper and pencils
• My cell phone
• Meaningful work
• Balance
• To go camping every once in a while
• Train tickets to Seattle every couple months
• Frozen yogurt
• A sustainable schedule

My first thought was that this list could be longer, but I'm not sure that it can. Maybe it's not what's on the list that we need to think about, but what's not.



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