Green with Yard Envy

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ June 6, 2008

Maybe it's just the fact that I don't have a yard, but this time of year fills me with a serious case of Yard Envy. The options for creating something unique to reflect your landscaping vision are virtually endless.

I could channel a coastal feel with sea grass, stone and recycled hurricane lanterns, or maybe a tropical paradise with imported palms and new guinea impatients - the plants, the rock, the fire pits and chimineas, the decking material...the options are incredible and inspiring:

Could this be your new backyard?

People are starting to turn their outdoor spaces into so much more than yards and its exciting to see them becoming the spaces for entertaining, relaxing, cooking, and counting stars.

Landscaping can be a stressful burden for a lot of homeowners I realize, but I still can't help coveting the lovely yards I see around, and harboring some envy at all the opportunity they have to exercise their passions and take their yards wherever they please.

Photo Credit: Paradise Costa Rica

I realize too what I like about so many of these 'yards' is the rising lack of grass. Less grass is great for a lot of reasons but it also means less water, which means more environmentally friendly! There are so many turf free routes to take with your outdoor space, check it out:


If you want to enjoy your yard more, and have less yard work to do on the grass, these ideas seem like the way to go, especially if you're looking to reduce your eco-footprint at the same time.

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