Be Good To Your Bathroom

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ June 6, 2008

WHOA. We really like this:

Photo Credit: BornRich

and this:

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Its like a car wash...but for your body! And maybe, just about the best recipie for relaxation we can think of.

Its time to make your bathroom the place to be- think about it. How much time do we spend in there everyday? Showering, soaking, preparing ourselves for the day, relaxing- its easily the most used room in the house, and yet so often it gets neglected and ends up serving a purely utilitarian existence. Dosen't your bathroom deserve more?

You don't have to invest in a custom spa body shower to reap the benefits of a bathroom remodel. If something a little more modest is budget freindlier, take a litte time to imagine how some new fixtures and cabinet veneers might brighten up your mornings getting ready to carpe diem.

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