5 great gifts for home improvement DIYers

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 13, 2012

Cyber Monday has passed and Black Friday is fast becoming a distant memory … at least for this holiday season. Is your shopping done or do you still have a few hard-to-buy-for gifts to find?

If those remaining presents are for DIYers, one quick trip to your local home improvement store could complete your holiday shopping. Of course, if you've been good this year, there's no reason why a present to yourself shouldn't find its way into the shopping cart.

Holiday gifts any DIYer can useWerner step stand

Regardless of their skill level, here are five gifts that should bring joy to any DIYer on your holiday list:

  1. Werner 3' step stand -- Werner is well known for their high quality step and extension ladders -- many roofing, painting, and siding contractors use them on a daily basis. The company incorporates the same commitment to safety and attention to detail in this handy 3' step stand. The miniature ladder is ideal for home improvement jobs where a little extra height is needed, but a full blown stepladder isn't required.
  2. Paint brush and roller cleaner -- Just about every DIYer enjoys painting, but cleaning up after the job is complete can be another matter. A paint brush and roller cleaner makes drying wet brushes and roller covers a breeze and helps to ensure they're ready for the next project. The tool spins the water used for cleaning away -- much easier on your favorite DIYer's arm than all that vigorous shaking.
  3. Heavy duty stapler -- What do fiberglass batt insulation, low-voltage wiring, and holiday lights all have in common? Installing them and many other items during home improvement projects can be much easier with a heavy duty stapler. Arrow is probably the best known company when it comes to high quality construction staple guns. They offer a full line of manual and electric models that make ideal stocking stuffers.
  4. Multi-tip screwdriver -- Few things can be as frustrating during a home improvement job than realizing you've grabbed the wrong screwdriver for the project -- especially if you're at the top of a ladder or a long distance from your tool box. Save the DIYer on your holiday list from this experience with a multi-tip screwdriver. They're available from many manufacturers and most have an assortment of tips stored in their handles. Switching from a Phillips to a slotted tip can be done in a matter of seconds.
  5. Wood level -- While any type of level makes a great gift for a DIYer, a unit made from mahogany or another wood species can be beautiful as well as functional. Wood levels usually last many years with proper care and can be passed down to the next DIYer in the family.wood level

Holiday shopping is easy when you have DIYers on your list. And if you're no slouch in the home improvement department yourself, putting this list where Santa can see it couldn't hurt.

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