Would Jalousie windows work for my needs?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 30, 2010 ~ No Comments

I am not looking for jalousie windows for my home. They are for an enclosed room attached to my home between the house and patio. I want something that will allow sunshine in, but, keep rain out. I do not have a fortune to spend. There are eight windows, different sizes, and I am trying to come up with ideas to do this. Would Jalousie windows work for my needs?

Ben M. ~ Vallejo, California

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Ben, I have not installed jalousie windows in a house in many years, but I still see them in houses all over the place, wherever someone has enclosed a front or back porch. There are several in my neighborhood. I had them in a house I lived in many years ago, and they are great for what they were designed for, to let light into an unconditioned area that receives a fair amount of rain. Due to their angle when opened, and the small size of their sashes, they can be open during a fairly heavy rain without much getting inside.

You don't mention whether the room is climate controlled. If it is, or you think you might in the future, then I would think you would not want jalousie windows, as most of the units I have seen are single pane glass, and they aren't very airtight. Depending on the size of your openings, I would choose casement or awning windows instead. Awning window openings are usually not very large, but you can get pretty big casements.

If the room is not climate controlled, and you know that you never plan on doing it, then a window replacement with jalousie windows might be great, especially considering your climate in Vallejo, California. I can't really comment on the cost of them, as I haven't purchased any in many years.

One other comment I will make on jalousie windows, and a reason I believe not many people use them anymore, is that even though there are no frames around the individual sashes, the horizontal lines of the pieces of glass do break up your outside view a little bit, whereas casements and awnings have unobstructed glass panels.

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