How Much Does a Wood Siding Replacement Cost?

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I am considering replacing the wood siding on my home. How much should I expect to spend for new home siding and installation?

Alan F. ~ Iowa City, IA

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Alan. There are a lot of jobsite conditions and variables that can affect your siding replacement cost. The height of the house and whether all the areas receiving wood siding are accessible are figured into the contractor's estimate when they visit the site. The type of wood siding you choose also has a bearing as redwood can run at the high end of the price range while the more common cedar and pine wood can be a little more affordable.

Prep work before the new siding wood siding goes on can also affect the price unless you are planning on handling that part of the project yourself. All the old siding must be removed and the flashing and house wrap should be checked and replaced or repaired as needed. These tasks don't generally require a lot of skills so you might want to consider taking them on as a DIY project to keep your siding replacement cost as low as possible.

Lastly, the other big factor that must be taken into account when using wood siding is painting or staining it once the installation is complete. It should be primed or sealed before going on your home so that all sides of the boards are protected and then one or two finish coats applied at the end of the project.

A good average budget figure to use for the purchase and installation of your wood siding might be about $7.75 per square foot of exterior wall area. That price is for 8 inch beveled cedar siding. Painting the siding with a coat of latex primer and two finish coats should cost about $1.75 a square foot for the labor and materials. Removing the old siding from your home might average about .70 a square foot depending on the difficulty of the project.

All of these prices are very approximate and may vary depending on the labor rates in your area, materials used, and your specific project. I recommend that you get estimates from local contractors to arrive at a more accurate cost for your siding replacement.

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