Wine Storage in a Hot Climate

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 3, 2010 ~ No Comments

I'd like to build a storage location on my property for my growing wine collection. Problem is, I need to shelter the wine from the Arizona heat. Should I go underground, or go with air conditioning?

Richard G. ~ Tucson, Arizona

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Richard, I think part of the answer to this question depends on how serious of a collector you are, and how valuable you think your collection will become. I have heard a lot about the heat of Arizona summers. If you feel that your collection is valuable, or will become valuable, I would build it above ground, and install air conditioning. I would also have a back up generator for the possibility of a power outage of any length of time.

The nice wine storage rooms that I have been involved with, the collectors wanted the ability to keep the room's temperature within a certain range at all times. This resulted in our having meetings with heating and air conditioning contractors to ensure their systems could accomplish what the collector wished. The collectors were more concerned with the temperature of that room, than they were with the rest of the house.

If that is the type of collector you are, I don't think just having an underground storage area would satisfy you, as you really cannot adjust the temperature of the room. Also, I would think building a room underground, and making sure it was structurally sound, could end up being more expensive than building a room with air conditioning above ground.

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