Questions About Windows

Should I get new storm windows?

I currently have outside storm windows over my inside wood windows. They are falling apart and need to be replaced. Should I get one whole new window or look for just storms? What is the best mid-grade replacement window? My house is not sided and has wooden cedar shakes on the outside. If I put in replacement windows, they will cover the painted trim around the edge of the window that matches the trim on the house and it will be all white. Then there will be no contrast around the window. A storm window will not cover that wood but I'm told storms are old news.

Replacement Windows for Garden Corner of Dallas Home

Our older one-story wood frame Dallas, Texas, home is magnificently landscaped. The dining room has 4'h x 6'w windows centered on north and east walls. We'd like to open the room up with insulated fiberglass replacement windows, each 6' high x 8' wide that meet at the corner. Do you think this remodeling can be done for our budget of $20-25,000?

Thermal Resistance of Vinyl Replacement Windows

We have lots of days over 100 degrees here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I'm afraid vinyl window replacements would warp or sag from the heat. Would aluminum window replacements be a better choice, or are my fears about vinyl unfounded?

Privacy Needed for Window Seat Window Replacement

There are two 4'h x 3'w windows and one 4'h x 6' wide window over the pretty bay window seat in my downtown Bloomington, Indiana, home. The seat is too close to a public sidewalk for privacy and too drafty for comfort during the winter. The house is wood frame construction. What replacement windows will make the window seat more private and cozy, and roughly what will it cost for windows and labor?

Prepping Area Around Window Before Painting

I'm working on repainting a room. I've repaired a few wall areas where the wall was brittle etc. from moisture (house is 60 years old). There's an area alongside the window where I've chipped out some brittleness also. Is there some type of filler or compound I could fill in there? The area would be too tricky to use joint compound.

Efficacy of Vinyl Versus Fiberglass Window Replacement

Our Longmont, Colorado, home is 25 years old, and is of well-insulated 2"x6" frame construction. Will the extra cost of fiberglass windows pay for themselves versus a very good vinyl window replacement?

Repaint or Replace Old Windows in Washington?

Our house in Bremerton, Washington, has been in the family for over 50 years. We're all do-it-yourselfers, so the house has been very well maintained. Nevertheless, I'm wondering about scraping, sanding, filling and repainting the twelve window frames one more time versus buying replacement vinyl windows. What are the economics of the situation?

Which Saves More on Heating & Cooling: Wall Insulation or New Windows?

50-year old home in Denver, Colorado, is of 2 x 4" frame construction, and has eight single pane windows. What expenditure will improve my utility costs more--having the walls and attic pumped with insulation or replacing the windows with good vinyl double-pane windows?

Window Replacement Longevity

Some double pane wood windows in the Greensboro, South Carolina home that we built in 1985 have started to leak air. What is the expected life of today's ENERGY STAR replacement vinyl windows?

Cost of Adding Small Decks to Upstairs Bedrooms

Our two upstairs bedrooms in our wood frame home in Flagstaff, Arizona, face into the forest. We'd like to replace the 6' windows with vinyl sliding doors and add redwood or Trex decks about 4' x 8' each, with a simple railing, braced supports, and no roof. Can you give us ballpark figures for the cost?

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