Questions About Windows

How can I best replace my metal windows?

We received a few estimates on replacing our metal windows. One company we spoke with said that we wouldn't be happy in a year if we just used replacement windows and would need to replace the whole window. Can you give us your opinion on replacing metal windows with replacement windows?


How much does it cost to install a window?

We would like to add a window in the kitchen in a wall with no existing window. The house (built in 1982) has wood siding. Assuming that there is no plumbing interfering with that space in the wall, how much can we reasonably expect to pay for this?

- Anna

Which window sealant should I choose?

I was reading one of the DIY posts about sealing my home's siding. The gap between the window frame and the edge of the siding needs to be filled, but it does not say what type of sealant to use. Can I have an actual name, and some instructions that make sense?

- Carl S.

What is causing fog between the panes of my windows?

We have got fog in our windows, especially on sunny days. It's not always there, but very noticeable other times.

How can I stop window drafts?

Hello, I put in replacement windows about 2 years ago. Although my old windows were really terrible, I am still getting a big draft from my new windows, in particular the double and triple window seat windows in my living room and bedrooms. What can I do to make sure the drafts are sealed?

Trish J.

Who can I hire to restore my old wood windows?

My sunroom's old wood windows are weathered and in bad shape. I would replace the windows, but I live in a historic district and the cost would be astronomical. I would like to have someone clean the window sashes and sand down the window frames, then refinish all the wood with some sort of exterior sealer. What kind of contractor does this type of work? There are 7 windows total, what might project cost me?

Removing mildew on windows

In some rooms of my house there is mildew on the windows. Do I need a dehumidifier? Also I have a little white mold on an attic beam what can I do to stop this?

Replacing a rotten wood window in a shower stall

The wood window in our bathroom shower stall has water damage and is starting to mold. Can I refinish the frame or should I replace it?,

How Much Does It Cost to Install New Windows?

I am considering purchasing a home that is now vacant and has a number of broken windows. The windows that I would need to replace are 1' x 7' vertical windows, as well as several standard size household windows and a sliding glass door. What should I expect to pay for a window installation of this type, and how should I choose a windows contractor?

Who Should I Contact to Replace Old Wood Around My Windows?

The wood around the outside of my windows is beginning to rot and I will need to have it replaced. Who should I contact to get an estimate for this kind of work?

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