Window seal leak warranty repair?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ April 4, 2010 ~ Comments

I have Insulate Industries Vinyl windows installed in 1996 with what I believe is a lifetime warranty. A few windows have moisture between the two panes of glass and I want to know how to get warranty replacement windows/repair of these windows.

Harv ~ Pleasanton, California

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Harv, I have never used Insulate Industries Vinyl windows, but in doing a little research it appears they are primarily a west coast supplier of windows, so that might explain it. The address I found is 5001 D Street NW, Auburn, Washington, 98001, and a telephone number of (253) 850-9000. Some of the articles I read indicate that at least a part of the company was sold to CertainTeed, which would make some sense. CertainTeed is a manufacturer of windows, siding products, shingles, and other building products. I have always had good luck with CertainTeed, so if they own the window manufacturing operation of Insulate Industries, you should be in good shape.

If that address for Insulate Industries is correct, then they should have a customer service rep close to Pleasanton, California. I have had most window companies stand behind their products, but I don't think I have ever tried to get a 14 year old window replaced. Most of the window replacements and repairs I have had were just a few years old. However, if you have a lifetime warranty on the windows, they should stand behind them, and honor the warranty. Good luck!

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