Window Replacement in a Wilmington, Delaware, Crooked Opening

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One front window in our old house is obviously not level. Since all the other windows are the same size, a carpenter will have to rebuild the opening so the window replacement size matches the others. This is a 1940's wood frame house. How much will the labor cost to remove the old window, rebuild the opening, and replace the window?

Norv L. ~ Wilmington, Delaware

Brendan Fowler

Before you get into rebuilding a window opening, I would suggest having a window replacement contractor come and look at your window replacement situation. I have retrofitted windows into crooked openings before and used a nice trim detail to hide the out-of-square opening. Are you just fixing the one window or are you replacing all the windows? If you are replacing all the windows, the trim detail used to cover the cooked opening can be used on all the windows for uniformity. If you are just replacing the one window you may still be able to work with a crooked opening. If the old window was out of level because of some kind of structural problem, I would fix the problem before putting any window back in the opening. Without knowing the type of interior and exterior trim details, the type of siding, the type of window being removed, the extent of the problems with the window opening, the type of replacement window, the amount of reconstruction, the amount of sheetrock repair, the amount of touch up paint, and the accessibility to the window, providing you with a cost for your window repair is nearly impossible. A ballpark figure could be $350 for labor plus $250 for the window and$150 for trim, paint and miscellaneous materials, so about $750 total. There are many variables on a little job like this that can affect the cost dramatically. I would recommend getting multiple bids from licensed contractors before the window opening gets rebuilt. Good Luck!

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