Who should I hire to finish my basement?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ April 28, 2013 ~ No Comments

How much would it cost to hire someone to turn a totally unfinished basement into a finished large room -- can one contractor do the walls, floors, ceiling?


Brett Kulina

Karen, the best way for you to determine the cost of finishing your home's basement will be to gather detailed work estimates from contractors in your local area. The size and configuration of your basement, as well as the type of finish materials you select, can all ultimately effect the overall cost of your project. When visiting with potential hires, make sure that each contractor understands the specific details of what you want your finished basement to look like and can accommodate your anticipated timeline for the project's completion.

If you have never undertaken a home remodel before, then you might consider hiring a general contractor who could be your single point of contact for the entire job. Your other option would be to act as your own general contractor, which would mean that you would be responsible for hiring and scheduling the necessary subcontractors (flooring, drywall, electrical, etc.), ordering materials, and obtaining the necessary building permits. Although it might cost an additional 8-15% of the project's total budget to hire a general contractor, the cost can be well worth it if you are unfamiliar with these types of remodeling projects.

Finishing a basement can be a very straight forward home improvement project, so if you have some DIY remodeling experience don't be afraid to tackle the project without a general contractor. If you go down this road, keep in mind that you will need to hire a carpenter to frame the walls and install the trim, an electrician to install the wiring, and a drywaller to cover and finish the walls and ceiling. A flooring contractor, a plumber, and an HVAC installer may also be needed, depending on the specifics of your project.

When getting started, your best bet may be to sketch up a proposed floor plan so that you have a detailed three-dimensional drawing to reference when talking to contractors, material suppliers, and your local building department. Remember, the more planning and organizing you can accomplish before the saws start cutting, the better chance you have of avoiding costly mistakes and unforeseen surprises. Good luck with it!

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