Which is the most durable: Bamboo, Cork or hardwood?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 1, 2010 ~ Comments

I want to change the present flooring in my kitchen I am interested in hardwood! Which is the most durable: Bamboo, Cork or hardwood? I have two dogs and 4 cats that play a lot in the area.

Claude F. ~ Malvern, Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Claude, all three of those flooring products might get a workout in your kitchen with two dogs and 4 cats, especially when you add in Pennsylvania's snowy winters that might be brought into the kitchen by the pets.

I feel that hardwood and cork are probably about the same as far as durability. The difference being that any nicks or scratches the hardwood receives can be fixed, which may not be the case with the cork. The cork should provide a better surface to stand on, if your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Cork has a little more give to it than hardwood.

Bamboo is the least durable of the three, although high end bamboo is a little more resistant to chips and gouges than the less expensive bamboo flooring. One advantage bamboo and cork have over hardwood is that they are considered a "green" product.

My recommendation for a floor where pets play, and cooking is done, is ceramic tile. I have three active adult Dobermans, and they do quite a bit of damage to my hardwood and vinyl floors, but my ceramic floors have withstood the Doberman test. They are also easy to clean up after kitchen spills.

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