Which are the best moderately-priced replacement windows?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 12, 2010 ~ No Comments

Which are the best moderately-priced replacement windows, non-vinyl for our Northern climate? We've researched fiberglass and aluminum-clad wood and vinyl.

Racine, Wisconsin ~ Rose

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Rose, I would imagine that living in Racine, Wisconsin a primary concern would be the retention of heat in the winter, and the reduction of your utility costs. There are some very nice mid-range wood replacement windows available from several manufacturers. I have used them in my home, and I was surprised at their cost, as they look and operate like much more expensive windows. I don't want to mention any specific brands, but if you talk to a window contractor, or a local lumberyard in Wisconsin, they can show you what is available.

I am guessing that you are not interested in vinyl windows due to the possibility of cracking during extremely cold temperatures. That may be a problem with windows that are primarily vinyl, but some of the large window companies have vinyl clad windows which should be okay, even with your extreme temperatures. They are usually available in a wide range of prices.

Aluminum windows are also very nice, but depending on the style of your home, can sometimes change the appearance of a house. I suggest you speak with a local window contractor, and let them know you are looking for mid-range replacement windows that are energy efficient, and that you don't want to change your home's appearance, and see what their suggestions are.

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