Where do I find suppliers for exterior bamboo doors?

Answered by Brett ~ August 9, 2010 ~ No Comments

I have searched all over the web and can find very little info about bamboo doors aside from some interior doors. Obviously, this is very uncommon and certainly will not be sold at your local retail store. Do you know of any national suppliers, online or offline?

Jonas ~ Arlington, Virginia

Brett Kulina

Jonas, bamboo doors are not yet widely available, but neither was bamboo flooring when it first appeared on the market over a decade ago. New building materials and products often need to be in heavy demand by consumers before manufacturers and suppliers start stocking them on the shelves. Of course, once a unique building product is widely available, then everybody uses it and it is no longer unique! Anyway, the easiest way for you to purchase bamboo doors is to order them from a major door manufacturer like Simpson Door Company. Simpson makes a quality product and they have dealers everywhere. Although the majority of their doors are made from fir or hemlock, you can specifically order most of their interior and exterior doors in bamboo. Another option for you would be to have a bamboo door designed and built by a local shop in the Arlington area, although this will most likely cost more money than ordering one from Simpson. However, a custom built door could be a one-of-a-kind showpiece which might give your house a unique and special look. You may even be able to help create the design!

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