Wher can I find an operating triangular window?

Answered by Brett ~ December 1, 2010 ~ Comments

I am designing an A-frame cabin and want the peak windows to operate Hopper-style for ventilation in the summer. I have not found any manufacturer's websites that show operating triangular windows. Who can make these for me?

Ian ~ Denver, Colorado

Brett Kulina

Ian, it would be unusual for a window manufacturer to stock an operable window that is a custom shape, such as a triangle, and it sounds as though your specific window needs are going to necessitate a custom-made window that both operates Hopper-style and fits the peak's angle of your proposed A-frame cabin. While building a operable custom window may not be at all difficult for a window manufacturer, I do wonder if accessing the window will be a problem for you?

Most A-frame style cabins incorporate a loft in the upper reaches of the interior, which means that one of the vertical gabled sides of the cabin is left open with soaring cathedral ceilings. This set up would make it difficult to reach an operable window that was located high up on the wall. If you want the window in the loft, one option would be to position the window opening low enough so that you could install a standard rectangular-shaped hopper window with a fixed triangular transom window above it. This would give you both a window the opens and closes and a triangular shaped window, which would accent the architectural style of your cabin's peaked roof.

If you have your mind set on the custom triangular-shaped, hopper style window then I would talk with a woodworker who works in the Denver area and has experience building windows. This way you can get what exactly the window you want. Good luck with your cabin!

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