When to Start a House Painting Project

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 2, 2010 ~ No Comments

I need to repaint the exterior of my home, but I'm worried about how the humidity of a New Orleans summer might affect the painting work. Should I be worried?

Lissa P. ~ New Orleans, Louisiana

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Lissa, Congratulations on the Super Bowl! Humidity should not be a big problem with your exterior painting. The primary issue with exterior painting in a high humidity area such as New Orleans, Louisiana is drying time. I suggest you wait until late morning to start painting. That should give the surface time to dry from any overnight moisture or dew. When you are painting it is important that your surface is dry, and that is even more important in a high humidity area. Paint will dry slower with high humidity, but the heat of the afternoon sun will help speed up the drying time. You should make your coats of paint a little thinner than normal, that will aid with drying time, also.

Keep an eye out for afternoon thunderstorms, and I'm sure you have a few of them in Louisiana. Because it takes longer for the paint to dry, if there appears to be any chance of a thunderstorm, try to stop painting around 3 or 4 hours prior to the rain starting. This should allow the paint to set up enough that the rain shouldn't cause any problems.

I would also try to stick with an acrylic paint rather than oil based. Oil based paint can take longer to dry even in ideal conditions.

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