When to Replace Old Windows

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 10, 2010 ~ Comments

I pay huge cooling bills all summer in my home in Albuquerque. My windows are only 25 years old and I'm not sure when it is time to replace them. Any tips?

Dan T. ~ Albuquerque,New Mexico

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Dan, I know that 25 years doesn't sound very old, it doesn't sound very old to me either, but in terms of advances in window construction technology, 25 years is very, very old. Windows have come a long way in the last 25 years, and I think you would be amazed at the difference in your cooling costs if you installed new windows.

Older windows in homes located in average climates don't affect heating and cooling costs as much, but older window in places like Albuquerque, New Mexico, Phoenix, Arizona or Buffalo, New York can really drive costs up. Other than the advances in technology, a window can receive a lot of wear over 25 years. A good test is to stand next to each of your windows on a windy day, a cold windy day is even better, and run your hands around the edges of the window to feel how much air infiltration you have. I have been in homes where I didn't even need to use my hands, I could feel the wind coming through just standing there. New replacement windows can take care of all of that air infiltration.

You should have a few window company salespeople come out and take a look at your home, and tell you about all of the advancements in window technology. They even have windows designed for specific areas of the country now.

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