When is the right time to hang drywall?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ April 9, 2014 ~ No Comments

Should you hang drywall in a new home before you pour the basement floor?


Jeffrey Anderson

Steve, normally the basement floor is poured within the first couple of weeks after construction begins on a home. After the home site is excavated, concrete footings are poured, the foundation walls are poured or constructed out of block, and then any plumbing groundworks located beneath the slab are installed. Once appropriate inspections are passed, the concrete slab is then poured and finished. Installing the slab at this point in the construction schedule is much easier for the concrete contractor and is beneficial for the framing contractor as well. Hanging the drywall comes much later in the schedule.

However, I say normally because on occasion adverse weather conditions can prevent the concrete slab from being poured during its usual place in the schedule. If it is too cold to pour concrete or too wet to get the trucks in, it's possible to go ahead with the framing without the slab. Even in this case though, the concrete is usually poured before the drywall is installed as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC contractors will need to do their rough-ins in the basement in order to pass inspections required before any boards can be hung upstairs.

Lastly, it's normally a lot less trouble and less costly to pour the concrete before the first floor is installed. After that point, it can be very difficult to access the basement with concrete trucks and the concrete may even need to be wheeled in, which can be extremely labor intensive.

One final tip: stock your home with drywall before the final coat of an asphalt driveway is installed. If your driveway will be concrete, the drywall should be put inside the house before it is poured. The trucks that deliver drywall can be very heavy and may damage driveways.

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