What's the typical cost of drywall installation?

Answered by Brendan ~ February 2, 2012 ~ No Comments

We are remodeling our basement, adding 2 BR's and 1BA. We are going to complete all the work ourselves, except for the drywall and paint. Could you give me a ball park estimate on what a drywaller and painter might cost to do these parts of the project? There is probably 1500 sqft of wall coverage. Thanks

Judy ~ Warren, MI

Brendan Fowler

It is tough to give ballpark pricing when I have so little information, but I will try to help. Depending and the thickness of the sheetrock you use, the corner treatments, the window treatments, ceiling height and angles, and type of surface finish you want, price can change dramatically. Assuming that you are going with a fairly standard installation, you can expect to spend somewhere between, $2500 - $3500 for sheetrock. Painting pricing is also highly variable. Depending on the number of colors, the number of doors, staining, baseboard, crown molding, cabinets, casings, and prep work, you can plan to spend between $1.20 - $3.50 a square foot. I apologize for such broad price spectrums but without a very detailed and specific scope of work, as well as a firsthand walk-through, pricing is going to be very general. Good Luck

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