What would be the cost of installing & painting metal hand-rails?

Answered by Brett ~ January 4, 2011 ~ No Comments

What would be the cost of installing and painting metal hand-rails for (3) concrete steps leading from street sidewalk up to home sidewalk? We are an elderly couple and now need the hand-rails for support when climbing the steps.

Dave L. ~ Richardson, Texas

Brett Kulina

Dave, the cost to install new hand rails next to your sidewalk steps is going to depend on a few things. First, you will have to decide which type of steel you want the hand rails to be fabricated from, as there can be a big cost difference between standard steel bar stock and twisted steel, which has a hand forged aesthetic. The second choice that you will have to make is how you want the hand rails finished, because it certainly costs more to powder coat metal, as opposed to just painting it with black metal spray paint. I think it is worth the extra money to have your railings powder coated, because the finish will last for years, without the need for annual maintenance and repainting. A third thing that is going to effect the overall cost of your new handrails is how they are installed. If there is no vertical member to attach the railings to, such as a deck post or house, then they will have to be bolted to the ground, which may require pouring a thick cement footing that can support the railings (and someone tugging on them).

I suggest that you consult a metal fabricator who works in the Richardson area, and have them inspect your steps and discuss with you the different material and finish options. Some one who is familiar with the building codes in your area can also make sure that your new hand rails are code compliant and meet ADA rules for handicap accessible handrails. The good thing about your project is that it is not very big, so regardless of the choices you make, I don't foresee the cost being to high. Good luck with your project.

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