What type of nails should I use to hand fasten a bamboo floor?

Answered by Brendan ~ February 11, 2011 ~ Comments

I am putting in a new bamboo floor using the old timer method of a hammer and nails, then setting each nail with a nail set. I am not using any type of nailer, since it is a very small space. the flooring is 5/8, and I have the rosin paper down already. Do I use finish nails, or common nails? Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Eric L. ~ Saint Albans, New York

Brendan Fowler

I would use 2-inch finish nails driven at a 45-degree angle through the tongue of the flooring as often as the flooring manufacturer recommends for a nailing schedule. By driving the nail at an angle it will drive the board you are nailing tight against the previous board and keep the nail free from interfering with the fit of the next board when it is pushed over the tongue. Good Luck!

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