What type of contractor do I need to replace a balcony support post that is damaged?

Answered by Brett ~ April 14, 2012 ~ No Comments

One of the support posts under my home's walkout balcony is damaged and needs to be replaced. What type of contractor should I call to do the work for me?

Sam ~ Fort lauderdale, fl 33331

Brett Kulina

Sam, it sounds as though a general contractor, or an experienced handyman, might be the right person for your job. Although replacing a balcony support post can be a very strait forward task, keep in mind that you may also have to install a cement pier on which to support the wooden post. Inevitably, wood posts that are in direct contact with the ground will rot, which is why many building codes require non-treated posts to be attached directly to cement piers. If the posts under your balcony are all buried directly in the ground without cement piers (and presuming this is what caused the damage), then you may want to consider replacing all the other posts as well.

Although you will hire someone to do the work for you, keep in mind that as the homeowner you may be responsible for obtaining any needed work permits from the Ft. Lauderdale building department, as well as contacting your local utility company so they can locate any underground electrical wires or gas lines that are in the area where digging will occur. If you click here, reliableremodeler.com can help you find an experienced local contractor who can visit your home and give you some details about the potential cost and timeline for your project.

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