What to Consider When Installing Sunrooms

Answered by Brendan ~ March 8, 2010 ~ No Comments

Sunrooms are popular here in Columbia, and I want to build a top-of-the-line model What are the best add-on features that will make my new sunroom a great addition?

Martha S. ~ Columbia,South Carolina

Brendan Fowler

Add-on features will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You will need to see what option packages are available from whomever you decide to purchase your sunroom from. Making it a great addition will most likely depend on a number of factors. One factor will be the add-on features you want for your room. The overall quality of the installed product will be important. How the addition of this new room ties into the existing home and how the space flows with the rest of the home, will also be very important. You will want the sunroom to look as if it was part of the original floor plan and not an awkward afterthought. Look at the big picture and really spend some time planning this addition, and it will become a great addition.

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