What thickness board/plywood do you recommend for the decking, for new metal roof?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 17, 2010 ~ No Comments

I was going to use waferboard with a composite roof, but I was told that you should use plywood. Wanted something with a insulation /or foal backing. I am looking at the cost factor also.

Jack R. ~ Mabank, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Jack, I personally prefer to use 5/8 inch roof sheathing material on a roof, that way there never should be a problem if someone is walking on the roof, and it reduces the chance of the sheathing dipping between roof framing members. However, if your roof trusses or joists are no more than 24 inches apart, you can probably get by with using 7/16 inch roof sheathing. As long as you use plywood clips generously, it should be okay.

There is nothing wrong with using waferboard or OSB instead of plywood on your roof, and in some cases it is more desirable. Some of the latest OSB products are water resistant, so it is not as critical to get the roof felted in immediately after sheathing, like it is with plywood. The water resistant OSB should not delaminate like plywood can. Plywood still has a lot of old school support, and it is an excellent product for your roof as well. You might want to let price dictate your choice. See how the prices of the 2 products compare there in Texas, sometimes OSB is more expensive, and sometimes plywood is higher, it fluctuates quite a bit.

I am not aware of any foil backed or insulated roof sheathing, but you can install batt insulation between your roof trusses if you so desire.

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