What materials are available for putting a vinyl sheet finish on deck floor?

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What materials are available for putting a vinyl sheet finish on deck floor? I want to put a vinyl sheet finish on my deck 8ft x 8ft. Flooring is solid and waterproof just needs topcoat. Would like to do it myself as simply as possible. What are some materials that are available?

Marvin ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Marvin, I'm not 100 percent sure what you mean by deck floor. If you have a conventional framed deck with wood deck boards on top, then you are going to have to make some modifications before putting down any type of vinyl sheet flooring. You are either going to have to take the deck floor boards up and install an exterior grade plywood or you may be able to install the plywood over the deck boards if you use screws long enough to bet down into the deck joists and it doesn't make the flooring too high for any door thresholds you have.

If this is the type of deck you have, you might want to think about just taking up the wood deck floor and installing composite deck boards. They are waterproof and just about maintenance free and you can walk on them all day without fear of getting any sort of splinters.

Exterior vinyl flooring is a good product as long as it is being applied on the right type of surface. I see a couple of problems with your plan though. The two vinyl deck floor materials that come to mind are Duradeck and DeckRite and they are both membrane type products that are similar to the membrane that is applied to a flat roof. The one product comes in 72 inch widths and the other in 68 inch widths so you are going to have a seam somewhere on your deck. This type of material requires that the seam be sealed with heat and it's not the sort of do it yourself project that many homeowners are equipped to tackle.

I'm not saying you couldn't install it, but you should be an experienced DIYer to give it a try. The products go down with contact cement or flooring glue just like interior vinyl flooring. Both companies recommend that their trained installation crews install the products to ensure proper installation and waterproofing.

Boston is on the water so I would think that there must be more of these types of waterproof products around Massachusetts that might be a little easier to install or there might be an entirely different product you could use while finishing your deck. I would suggest ceramic tile but I would think there would be too much deflection on a wood deck and you would constantly be fixing grout cracks. If you are set on keeping it simple and doing it yourself, I would give some thought to the composite decking board idea.

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