What Kind of Kitchen Flooring is Best?

Answered by Brendan ~ January 25, 2010 ~ No Comments

The family entrance to my home in Racine, Wisconsin, is directly into the kitchen. Snow and sand tracked in during the winter has ruined the vinyl kitchen flooring. What type of flooring would you recommend to minimize this problem? Would ceramic tile hold up better than wood or vinyl?

Belinda ~ Racine, Wisconsin

Brendan Fowler

Kitchen Flooring OptionsSnow and sand are about as tough as anything a floor will have to endure. If this is the natural winter cycle in your kitchen, then I would immediately rule out wood floor.

Vinyl is a great flooring option for your kitchen because it is water proof and seamless, however it is not immune to the grit as you have witnessed with your current flooring. Ceramic tile might be the best option here. It is extremely tough and will probably hold up the longest.

The drawback with tile is that you will have grout joints that are going to attract dirt. Tile is also going to be slippery but only marginally more than vinyl. Snow and sand is going to be hard on anything you put on the floor of your house so I would also recommend a boot stomper outside the door for clearing snow from shoes and thick absorbent door mats inside the door.

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