What is too much humidity in a house?

Answered by Brendan ~ February 13, 2010 ~ Comments

On cold days we have moisture along the bottom of our windows. The humidity is abouit 50-60%. I'v eheard 30-4-0% is optimum. where can this excessive moisture/humidity be coming from? (I have not turned on the humidifier this yr).

Bob ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan

Brendan Fowler

There are many sources of moisture/humidity that will increase your homes interior humidity levels. A poorly ventilated and sealed home will allow moisture in. Showering and bathing generate lots of moisture so be sure to use a bathroom vent fan and make sure that the fan is venting to the outside of your home.

Make sure that your clothes dryer is venting to the outside of the house and not just into the attic or crawl space/basement. Hang drying clothes indoors generates lots of moisture. Cook with a vent fan that terminates out side of the house. Make sure that there is no water in your crawl space or basement.

Roof leaks, window leaks, siding leaks can all lead to increased indoor humidity. To combat your elevated humidity levels you can run a de-humidifier to bring the indoor humidity into the range that makes you happy.

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