What is the recommended, repair or replacement, for bulging concrete walls?

Answered by Brendan ~ November 23, 2010 ~ No Comments

Is repair possible or replacement necessary for two inward bulging concrete block walls of an integral garage? They are also pushed in from their foundation approximately 3" of the 8" blocks? The bulge starts is half-way up, which is underground. Also, what would be the typical cost for both procedures?

Pete ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Brendan Fowler

From what it sounds like, a repair will require the replacement of the block wall. Once a block wall begins to bulge and slide across the footing/foundation it is failing. I would suggest that a structural engineer design any repair/replacement of this wall. From what you have described there is a significant amount of inward pressure on the existing wall so excavating around the perimeter of the wall and shoring may be necessary. This is a significant repair so make sure that you get multiple opinions and bids from licensed contractors that are familiar with this sort of work. It is virtually impossible to give a price for this type of project without seeing the failing wall and a set of working drawings stamped by an engineer. On past projects that sound similar to this one, I have seen them cost in the range of $150-$350/ lineal foot with shoring, excavation, forms, concrete, waterproofing, drainage and carpentry. Good Luck!

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