What is the Quickest Way to Open Painted Windows

Answered by Brendan ~ April 1, 2010 ~ Comments

I recently purchased a grand 1907 Craftsman in Cedar Rapids. The windows in the entire house are painted shut! What is the fastest way to open up those old windows? I don't want to replace them or damage them, of course.

Sally R. ~ Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Brendan Fowler

The quickest way I have been able to get a painted-shut window open is with a sharp razor blade. Get a brand new blade in a utility knife and cut around the seam of the operable window panel. Cut where the window you want to open has been painted to the track, the other window frame, or any other part of the window.

Cut the seam very carefully multiple times until you can see that you have cut deep enough to get through the paint. Once you have seemingly cut the window free of the other surfaces holding it in place, try to pull it open. If it still won't move, try to see if it has been painted shut on the outside as well. If it has been painted shut on the outside, try cutting it free out there as well. Good luck!

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