What is the general labor charge to install a 93in by 58in inch picture window?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ August 2, 2010 ~ No Comments

I need to hire a contractor to install a 93x58 inch picture window. Aluminum siding has to be taken off and put back on. Its on the first floor only a few feet off ground level.

Andy H. ~ Hale, Michigan

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Andy, that is a large window. Before I get into any cost estimates I'm going to make a suggestion. I'm not sure if you are getting this window from a commercial glass company or it's a custom window from a residential company, but I strongly suggest that you let the window company set the window. That picture window is going to be very heavy and I'm sure it's not cheap, and it should be set by someone who is used to doing a window installation as large as that. I know it's only being a few feet off the ground, but it still should be set by a window company even if you can get it done for a cheaper price by someone else. This is one of those deals where the lowest price isn't always the best price.

Okay, now for your price estimate. When you say all that needs to be done is some aluminum siding taken off and put back on, I'm assuming that the window opening is already there. What I am envisioning is an existing picture window that needs to be removed and a window installation involving a new picture window that is the same size as the window coming out. To remove the old window some aluminum siding is going to have to be removed and re-installed after the new window installation is complete. There may even be some interior trim work that needs to be removed to allow the old window to come out and the new picture window to be set.

If there is not window opening there and you are planning on installing a window of that size, then we are talking about a fairly good sized remodeling project and the costs could be significant. For an opening that size there is a good chance that some electric wire are going to have to be moved and hopefully there aren't any HVAC lines or plumbing lines running through that area. There is going to be a lot of framing work and the new header for the window opening is going to need to be sized as it may have to be pretty large.

I will be glad to estimate the costs for a project like that if you write back in, but in the meantime I am just going to give you an estimated cost for a window replacement. I would think that your window installation should be somewhere between $500 and $800. That cost includes removing the old window, installing the new window, and removing and replacing the siding around the perimeter of the window. The reason the cost is so high is because the window is so large. It is going to be difficult to remove the old window and install the new window, especially if it's a windy day. And speaking of wind, I know it gets pretty cold up around Hale, Michigan during the winter, so make sure who ever installs the new picture window seals around the edges. You may be able to get a better labor price around that part of Michigan. Labor is somewhat expensive in my area and it may be a little less in Michigan.

I really do think it would be a good idea for the window company to install the new window as they are set up for a project like this.

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