What is the Cost Savings for Removable Wallpaper?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ October 15, 2010 ~ Comments

I went online and looked at removable wallpaper for our Washington home addition. We want to use the room as a guest room until we have children. I want to know what the walls look like when you take it down and if there are places where the sun fades the paint. And how much does the wallpaper cost?

Josh L. ~ Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Josh, I've never used removable wallpaper and it's a fairly new product so I'm sure only time will tell as to how successful it is, but most of the painting contractors I've talked to are pretty excited about it.

Conventional wallpaper is a lot of work to install and if you're inexperienced, you can get yourself into trouble very quickly. As much work as conventional wallpaper is to install, it is even more work to remove it completely and prep the wall to be painted again. Removable wallpaper supposedly addresses these issues as the walls don't need to be prepped in any special way. All that your walls need to have before the wallpaper goes on is 2 coats of paint with the second coat being a flat latex which is the way most interior rooms are painted.

The removable wallpaper is dampened and then you simply install it on the wall. My understanding is that if you make a mistake and wrinkle the paper, you can just pull the sheet off the wall and reapply the same sheet. When it comes time to remove the wall paper you just loosen a corner and pull it off regardless if it has been on for a week or several years and the walls are in the same condition as when you installed the wallpaper.

After working with conventional wallpaper this new wallpaper almost sounds too good to be true, but supposedly it works as advertised. It sounds like it would be great for your room addition that you plan to change as your family gets larger as this removable wallpaper is becoming a big hit with renters who can use it without damaging their walls and losing their deposits.

I'm sure pricing of the removable wallpaper is going to vary a lot depending on the patterns just as conventional wallpaper does, but I've heard that it runs several dollars a roll more than regular wallpaper which is a pretty good deal when you consider all the work it saves. I know there are many, many painting contractors and wallpaper installers around D.C. so you might want to talk to some of them about pricing and their experiences with the product. They might also have some experience in trying to paint a room after the wallpaper has been taken down. I would think you can probably get the wallpaper at just about any big home improvement store, too.

When you ask about the sun fading the paint I guess you mean the wallpaper, and that is going to depend on the pattern you choose. If your window glass reflects ultraviolet light you should be okay, but if you have older glass and the wallpaper is going to receive direct sunlight, you're probably going to get some fading.

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