What is the average cost of new wood flooring?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 30, 2012 ~ Comments

Our house has a porch (12'x24') that has only a plywood floor. Can I install some fir flooring on top of it? What does fir wood flooring typically cost?

Lorrie ~ Boulder, CO

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Lorrie. When you write that you're thinking about fir flooring for a porch, I assume that it will be exposed to the elements rather than an in area that's been closed in and finished. If that is the case, then moisture protection should be a concern with all the snow and rain Boulder can receive throughout the year.

Fir has been used as a porch flooring material for decades and holds up very well as long as it receives the proper maintenance. However, I don't recommend installing it over plywood as moisture may get trapped between the two materials and that could lead to damage over time. I suggest that the plywood be removed and the fir flooring installed directly onto the porch floor joists. The joists should be sealed before the new flooring goes down so they're protected from moisture damage as well.

The cost of new flooring usually varies depending on the wood grade and where it's purchased. I would recommend that you choose a vertical grain fir as it has a tight grain that helps prevent water penetration and it also has an attractive appearance. This type of fir flooring usually runs about $4.00 to $6.00 a square foot, but I have seen it advertised for as low as $2.75 by some vendors. Don't forget that if you deal with a supplier outside the Boulder area, shipping costs will probably be added in and they can be costly for a material as heavy as flooring. However, if you shop around and get a good price, the additional shipping cost may not be an issue.

I'm not sure how you plan to finish the new wood floors, but all six edges should be sealed before it's installed. This can be done with wood preservative or paint and should help keep the porch floor free from moisture damage for quite some time.

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