What is the average cost for adding a second level to a house?

Answered by Brendan ~ March 27, 2012 ~ No Comments

I would like to add a second level to my 600 sq.ft. house. The new floor will have a full bath and two bedrooms. What are the average costs for a remodeling project like this? Thanks in advance.

Jennifer ~ Langhorne, PA

Brendan Fowler

This is a very difficult remodeling project to provide an accurate cost estimate for, with so little information about the job. On a project like this, there are many factors that could change the cost on the project thousands of dollars. For example, an engineer may determine that the foundation is not suitable to support the additional load of a second story, or that there is a septic system that is not large enough for the additional bedrooms, or you decide to go with granite instead Formica. If you needed to reinforce the entire foundation, add to or replace a septic system, and go with premium granite counter tops, the project could easily cost $25,000 more than if these were not issues. I do not bring these issues up to scare you, but it is my job as a builder to anticipate potential job costs. So, to answer your question, what will it cost? I think if you started at $150 - $200 a square foot you would be in the ball park. Good Luck!

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