What is the approximate cost per square to apply torch down roofing?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 16, 2010 ~ Comments

The area is flat, 15' x 45', has a layer of old, deteriorated roll roofing over a plywood decking.

Paul ~ Auburn, Alabama

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Paul, I can give you an approximate cost for torch down roofing, but there are a lot of variables which can affect the costs. There are 2 types of torch down roofs, a 2 layer, and a 3 layer. If you are using this roofing on a shed or storage building, then the 2 layer should be sufficient. However, if you are using the torch down roofing over an area that you definitely want to ensure doesn't get wet, and want a 20 year life span out of the roof, then you might think about the 3 layer.

Another factor that has to be considered is the condition of the roof sheathing the torch down roof is being installed on. It needs to be structurally sound, and have no delaminated or failing sheathing. If your roll roofing, which I assume is roofing felt, has been deteriorated for any length of time, there is a good chance you may need to have some roof sheathing replaced before the torch down roof goes on.

Your roof is 675 square feet, which is right around 7 roofing squares when you figure in waste. You should figure $250-$350 per roofing square for a 2 layer torch down roof without any roof sheathing repair. That figure may be a little higher or lower where you are in Alabama.

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