What is "double knockdown" finish?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 11, 2010 ~ No Comments

I have removed my popcorn ceiling finish am about to apply knockdown finish to my ceilings, which I know how to do. I have heard that the newer homes in this area have a "double knockdown" finish. Exactly what is this, and how is it applied ?

Jerry ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Jerry, I'm afraid I do not have an answer to your question. I know what a knockdown finish is, and many newer homes in my area have knockdown ceiling finishes. I have talked to several drywall contractors in my area, and they have heard the term double knockdown finish, but don't know how or if it differs from a knockdown finish. I did a search on the Internet, and found double knockdown ceiling finishes mentioned, but the few descriptions of the procedure I found did not show any steps different than a knockdown finish.

Housing trends usually start in one area of the country, and then work their way across the entire country. It maybe that a new trend in ceiling finishes has started in Boston, Massachusetts, and in California, as I also saw it mentioned there, and is going to work its way to my area. I suggest you talk to some Boston area drywall contractors, especially those doing high end homes, and see if they can tell you what a double knockdown ceiling finish is, and how it differs from a knockdown finish. It could simply be the same procedure, but go by different names.

Perhaps a reader who follows this forum may know the difference, and be able to enlighten us both.

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