What is causing fog between the panes of my windows?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ April 26, 2013 ~ No Comments

We have got fog in our windows, especially on sunny days. It's not always there, but very noticeable other times.

Brett Kulina

If you are seeing moisture inside your window panes, then the seal around the window has probably failed. Double-paned windows have a silicone seal that runs around the edges of the glass, which creates an air-tight space within the window pane. Once a seal fails and water gets inside this sealed space, it has a difficult time evaporating and escaping. During warmer days when the sun heats up the window, the trapped moisture will condense inside the panes of glass and fog up your windows.

When a window is not performing as designed, then you are missing out on all of the energy saving benefits that you paid for in the first place. This is because a functioning window seal does more than just keep moisture out of the window pane; it also seals in insulating gas between the two panes. This gas improves the window's energy efficiency by reflecting the sun's heat, which helps to lower your home's interior temperature, and theoretically your monthly energy bill.

Most window manufacturers provide warranties against this type of window failure. The problem is common, and it can usually be remedied without much hassle. In fact, many types of windows are designed so that a failed pane can easily be removed from the window frame, which saves you from having to remove the entire window and trim just to replace one failed seal. Your best bet is to contact your specific window manufacturer and ask about the details of your home's window warranty, as well as their recommendations about removing the failed window.

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