What do I use to plug old screw holes in my wooden cabinets?

Answered by Brett ~ March 2, 2012 ~ No Comments

I have changed the handle hardware on my wooden kitchen cabinets, so now there are old screw holes that need to be filled. What do you recommend?

Daphne ~ Ellenwood, GA

Brett Kulina

Daphne, if you want to hide the old screw holes in your cabinetry, then you could use some color-matched, wood filling putty. Brands, such as Minwax wood putty are available in dozens of different colors and are readily available at local hardware stores and home improvement centers. Bring a sample of your wood, such as a cabinet door, with you when you go to the store so that you can select the best color match. Most types of wood putty are simple to work with and cure quickly. Depending on the size of hole you are filling, you may need to apply more putty after the first batch dries.

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