What is the average cost to rough finish a room?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ June 4, 2013 ~ No Comments

Without bothering any contractors yet, I want to know what the average cost is to rough finish a 27 x16 room with windows and doors installed and all the electrical work done. We plan on doing the rest of the things ourselves.

Tracy N.

Jeffrey Anderson

Tracy, your question is the type that most contractors dread as there is no way to provide an accurate answer based on just the room's size. It is sort of like asking how much a small car should cost -- a Ford Escort and a Porsche 911 are both little, but there is a big difference in their prices.

While it's true that the finishes normally have the biggest effect on remodeling costs, the roughs also contribute. The number, sizes, and construction of the windows alone can swing the total rough finish cost of your room by hundreds or perhaps even thousands of dollars. Electrical and HVAC rough costs can have a big variance as well.

Will your room just have wall outlets per code or are there going to be ceiling fan boxes, wall sconce roughs, and dedicated outlets for special electronic gear? Do you already have HVAC ductwork that goes to the room or will a new branch line need to be installed? These and many more questions need to be answered before a cost that's even close to being accurate can be provided for your remodeling project.

Don't worry about being a bother to contractors as they price projects such as your room on a regular basis. They can visit your home to look at the project's scope, discuss specifics, and even offer suggestions that may provide cost savings. In fact, I would even go so far as to tell you to steer clear of any contractor who gives a price based on only the room's size.

I suggest having at least three contractors provide estimates for rough finishing the room. Determine the exact scope of work with one of the contractors, and then have the others price the same exact thing. Even the window manufacturer should be identical on all of the bids.

While you don't need a large contracting company for this type of remodeling project, whoever you choose should be reputable and have good references. If you need help finding qualified professionals in your area, consider filling out the form on ReliableRemodeler.com. All of the referred contractors are pre-screened and certified and are licensed, bonded, and insured.*

*See terms and conditions on http://www.streetcertified.com/about/Terms.jsp

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