What are some red flags to tip us off to inefficient contractors?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 1, 2010 ~ Comments

I've heard stories about contractors who fail to put the finishing touches on remodeling jobs. We are about to do some general remodeling in our Amarillo home and would like some tips on how to pick a contractor who will get our job done promptly. Could you give some red flags to look for when selecting a contractor?

Carl W. ~ Amarillo, Texas

Brendan Fowler

A red flag to look for would be a lack of references that you can contact. I would suggest that a contractor have at least 10 good references and five for work that is the same as what you want to have done. Usually finishing touches take a long time due to the lack of pre project planning.

Make sure that you have selected everything that is going into this remodel ahead of time. This means select all the light fixtures so that the rough electrical can go in the right spots. Select plumbing fixtures so that rough plumbing can go into the right spot. Cabinet design can also determine plumbing, electrical and mechanical placement. Select trim size, splash heights, tile details, counter tops, paint color, wall texture, flooring surfaces, appliances, window treatments, etc...

A few seemingly small changes in the course of construction can lead to large delays in the completion of the job. This is a lot of work to do up front but it will ultimately make your job easier to bid and get done on time.

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