What are my options for plastic panels in a sunroom?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ April 2, 2014 ~ No Comments

I have a curved sunroom with plastic panels on top. I need to replace the panels and can't find them anywhere. I don't even know what the material is called. Could you please tell me what kind of plastic is used, and where I can get new panels?

-Cheryl J.

Jeffrey Anderson

Cheryl, if you're sure the panels are plastic and not glass, my guess would be that they are polycarbonate. These types of roof panels are manufactured by a number of different companies who either market the material themselves or use a retailer for distribution. Lexan, a polycarbonate panel usually available at Home Depot and Lowes, is a good example. The panels are available in various sizes and can usually be trimmed as needed during installation. When being used in a ceiling, check to make sure the roof panels you purchase are impact resistant. That should help prevent breakage if small branches or other debris land on your sunroom roof during a strong wind or bad storm.

If for some reason they aren't available at your nearest Lowes or Home Depot, it may be possible to order the panels from an online vendor. Glass companies that supply materials for sunroom companies may also be a good source for the panels. They may not have every style in stock, but should be able to order them from their supplier. I'm not sure what color your existing panels are, but tints are now available that can provide a little relief from direct sunlight when your sunroom is in use.

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