What are my options for painting exterior vinyl siding?

Answered by Brett ~ August 8, 2010 ~ Comments

I was thinking of painting my now discolored vinyl siding that has weathered for the last 20 years - as opposed to replacement. There has been no leaks and other than discoloration, the material has no cracks and is still very pliable. One of my friends told me about Moorlife Acrylic Flat Paint N105 as an option which can be tinted color-match.

Paul ~ St. Paul, Minnesota

Brett Kulina

Paul, for a long time the common wisdom was that you could not paint vinyl siding, because the paint just could not adhere well enough to a vinyl surface and would eventually peel or flake off. Well, paint manufacturers have tackled this problem, and now most of the major brands have at least one type of high quality exterior latex paint which may be suitable for painting vinyl siding. Benjamin Moore recommends its MoorLife Acrylic Flat Latex paint for vinyl siding and claims that a single coat can accomplish the job.

I would recommend that you have your vinyl siding professionally cleaned and power-washed before attempting to paint your home. Remember, these high quality paints perform best when applied during ideal painting conditions when the surface is clean and in good condition. While Benjamin Moore does offer a broad selection of paint colors, you may want to choose a light colored paint, as a dark color may absorb to much heat which could damage your vinyl siding. Good luck with your project!

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