What Are My Green Home Siding Options

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 22, 2010 ~ Comments

It's time to replace my home siding and I'm thinking green remodeling. What earth-friendly siding options will stand up to the snowy Pennsylvania winters?

Timothy ~ Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Timothy, There are a number of green siding products on the market now, so you have several options to choose from. Each of them should be more than satisfactory for withstanding a Lancaster, Pennsylvania winter.

Fiber cement siding is considered to be a green siding, and it is also very durable, and rot and insect resistant. It looks very much like wood siding, and is available in many styles, and you can even get boards with factory applied color.

Cedar or pine siding that is FSC certified is considered a green siding product. FSC certified means that the wood came from a forest that is grown and harvested by Forest Stewardship Council guidelines. The trees are grown and harvested much like corn or wheat, it just takes a little longer. The siding is just like the wood siding you are used to seeing on old houses all around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but this is a green product.

Steel or aluminum siding is a very green siding product, as it can be recycled. The siding you use on your home today, may have been a soda can in a previous life, and 100 years from now it might be a soda can again.

Some vinyl siding manufacturers now have vinyl siding that is considered green due to the materials that are used to make it, but this is fairly new, and you may have to do some research to ensure you are using a green vinyl siding.

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